What Kind of Security is Best for Your Complex Building

secuirty-cameraKeeping your tenants safe is a number one priority as a landlord. It also helps to keep your apartment complexes filled up, and you will also have a better quality of tenants. So below are some ideas for security in your apartment complex:

  • Lighting: Lighting is probably the most important security feature for your building. Criminals don’t like to be seen, and outdoor lighting is the bane of their existence. Outdoor lighting; however, can make your tenants feel very secure and safe. And if you’re tenants don’t feel safe when walking around your property, then you will most probably lose those tenants.
  • Fences: Fences are used to discourage unwanted people on your property. Here an open-type fence will provide visibility of who’s coming and going too, and you can then keep access points to a minimum. If your property faces a dark alley or another business though, then it’s better to have a fence that’s closed to restrict undue access.
  • Maintenance: By maintaining your property, it gives it a well-cared for look, and you will attract a better type of tenant. If your property is maintained, it can stop vandalism or more serious crime also. Break one window, get ten broken windows. If the property is let go and becomes an eyesore too, then undesirable elements will move in because they think no one cares or is watching. By keeping everything neat, in order and tidy though; you can actually decrease crime.
  • Security cameras: By limiting your traffic flow to just certain areas, security cameras can then be efficient and do their job. By installing one or two cameras, you can see who comes and goes on and about your property in case there would be a problem also. In addition to this, another area for cameras would be common rooms such as laundry rooms, parking lots and office spaces. So just seriously ask yourself, if you were a criminal, where would you target? That is where you need to place your cameras.

Security is mostly common sense and thinking on how a criminal would think and then deterring them. And by improving the security around your building, you are doing your tenants and yourself a favor.