Guardian Construction is a highly respected nationwide General Contractor providing a range of professional construction services for complete property renovations, both exterior and interior. Guardian is able to meet insurance requirements and provide bonds where necessary.  The Company is well-versed in all facets of Capital Expenditure programs and provides quality workmanship and customer relations in this growing and ever-changing market.


Guardian Construction has extensive interior renovation experience. Guardian walks with the client assessing needs and putting into action a comprehensive team to complete the work to the highest industry standards.  Thorough understanding of scope of work translates to detailed estimates with separate line item quotes along with potential costs that may arise during the project. The interior services that Guardian provides is limitless from painting, to clubhouse remodels, to unit upgrades, to make-ready services.  Guardian Construction has the nationwide team to make your Interior goals a reality and build upon an ever-growing market.

Interior construction and renovation requires experience, product knowledge, and attention to detail.  As interior needs arise and evolve, Guardian Construction is there to meet each need. 

Examples of Interior Services include:

Partial to complete office, clubhouse and amenity upgrades.

Partial to complete apartment home repositions or upgrades: paint, cabinets, resurfacing.

Partial to complete installation of appliance packages.

Replacement of all electrical and plumbing fixtures.

Removal and replacement of flooring.


Offering competitively-priced solutions for meeting Exterior construction needs, Guardian Construction has the expertise and experience that clients can rely on.  Guardian is a licensed and certified General Contractor with a vast portfolio of exterior projects protected by warranties. Exterior services that Guardian can provide range from roofing, to gutters, to siding replacement, to painting, to fences, to dog parks and amenities.  Guardian works with their clients to create exteriors that are innovative, high-quality, and up-to-date with market needs and standards.

Exterior construction and renovation is both vital and complex.  Exterior needs arise due to weather events and deterioration over time, but are also Resident driven.  Guardian Construction has the background, creativity, market awareness, and team to achieve client’s exterior goals. 

Examples of Exterior Services include:

Balcony Replacement/Design

Including but not limited to wrought iron, cedar and pine materials.

Additional Value Projects

Including but not limited to dog parks, sport-courts, soccer fields and community gardens.

Sidewalks/Parking Lots

Concrete, asphalt, sealcoat and striping.

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