Tips for Repainting a Multifamily Rental Property

When it comes time to repaint your multifamily rental property, what should you keep in mind? Well, a new coat of paint will keep your multifamily property rented by decent tenants; especially if the paint is looking shoddy. Therefore; some suggestions are listed below to make the job a little easier.

44220101_sWhen you pick a paint color choose something neutral. Also a lighter shade of paint will make the rooms much brighter. Too, unless you love to paint, having to prime your walls every time because you’ve used a dark color paint can be time consuming.

Always clean your walls before you paint. If you paint over your former tenant’s dirt and grime, it will cause issues down the road. So vacuum off the walls first and then wipe them down with a damp cloth. Then mix up some warm water and detergent in a bucket. Using a damp sponge, scrub down the walls and wring out your sponge in a second bucket.

When painting through all the rooms of a unit, use the same color paint for consistency from room to room.

Make a choice of either semi-gloss paint or eggshell. These paints are very durable and will stand up to wear and tear. Now the semi-gloss is excellent for bathrooms since it’s water resistant. Use eggshell in the living room or bedroom because it’s easier to clean.
If your walls have glossy paint on them, don’t paint over them. Glossy paint keeps new paint from sticking to the walls. So if you have glossy paint, you’ll need to use `10-grit sandpaper to take some of the glossiness off the walls so your new paint has something to hold onto. Wipe down the walls after sanding too and then prime the walls and then paint.

Repainting a rental unit isn’t difficult if you follow the above steps for a bright, cheerful rental unit.