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Repairing Tenant Damage

If you own a multi-family housing complex, tenant damage is a very real concern. You’ve probably heard horror stories from property owners and managers. Even though you probably charge a damage deposit, tenants may still treat your property disrespectfully. Average tenants will probably leave scuff marks on your walls, stain carpeting or damage flooring. The worst tenants do even more harm and may damage plumbing, harm drywall, bend stairs, break windows or otherwise damage the home. All rental properties run the risk of tenant damage, even in high-end communities.

tenant-damageMulti-family construction companies can help you repair the damage that tenants cause in your rental units. A good multi-family construction company can assist you with the repair work you need to do to get the unit back in rentable shape. These types of commercial construction companies have experience with many different types of work that can assist you in a rental unit damage situation.

A multi-family construction company will have experience with a wide variety of projects. You should work with a commercial construction company that has a good reputation and can provide appropriate references. The company should be able to repair drywall, fix or replace stairs and fix leaks from a variety of sources. If there is damage to the exterior of the building, the commercial construction company can help you evaluate the best way to repair the damage in the most cost-effective way.

The multi-family construction company can help you inspect the rental unit so that you are knowledgeable about all the damages. You might not immediately notice problems with heating and cooling systems or water damage unless you are experienced with these types of issues. Your commercial construction company has probably worked on a wide variety of similar projects and can help point out all existing problems and assist you in making a project plan to repair the unit.

Some property owners decide to upgrade the rental unit at the same time that they are doing damage repairs. In these cases, multi-family construction experts are invaluable because of the wide variety of work they can perform. You can upgrade balconies, paint the exterior and interior and fix electrical and plumbing problems while working with a single commercial construction company instead of multiple vendors.


The Most Important On-going Repair Issues

Property maintenance is an ongoing concern for multi-family property owners. Whether through small commercial construction projects or large undertakings, taking care of your property maintains its value over the long run. You’ll attract and retain the best tenants. If you decide to sell the property, you’ll get the best possible price for it. Best of all, you aren’t likely to be overwhelmed with projects at one since you have kept up with repairs.

professional-contractorA long-term partnership with a commercial construction company may be the best way to handle ongoing repairs. It’s ideal if you can find a commercial construction company that has expertise in a variety of areas. These include roofing, welding for balconies and other metal structures, plumbing, HVAC and concrete. Some commercial construction companies specialize in multi-family construction companies so they have particular expertise on dealing with the ongoing issues property owners face.

You can build a relationship with a project manager at a commercial construction company. This will enable you to make a long-term plan with an experienced individual. The project manager will likely recommend a variety of ongoing maintenance projects. These may include painting, stair repair, unit upgrades, roofing repairs, general contracting and upgrades to clubhouses. Often, an experienced project manager can point out issues you might not notice on your own.

Upgrading energy efficiency should be a consideration for all property owners. You may not think of it as an ongoing repair issue, but you can slowly improve your property’s energy efficiency as a part of other projects. Replacing old appliances with new, energy-efficient models can be a significant cost savings. Your commercial construction project manager can recommend other energy-efficiency repairs such as roofing and siding. Often, you can upgrade your energy efficiency during routine repairs.

The most important ongoing repairs are those that affect the attractiveness of the property and the convenience of tenants. The exterior of the building should appear new and clean. Fencing should be in good shape. All stairs, balconies and other exterior features should be regularly repaired to maintain their integrity. Indoor integrity is important as well. Paint should be fresh, windows should be in like-new condition and all plumbing should be up to date. A partnership with a commercial construction company will help you manage all these details so your property is in the best possible shape.