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Functional Parking Lot Striping

The purpose of parking lot striping is to route traffic safely and provide safe crossing for pedestrians. So keeping the parking lot striping at your multi-dwelling apartment and well maintained and properly marked. When your property is taken care of it shows that you, as the owner, emphasize safety, maintenance and appearance.

empty-lotTo make your parking lot as functional and safe as possible, you should have clearly marked entrance and exit signs. Crosswalks for pedestrians, loading and unloading zones, and parking spaces are important factors for a functioning parking lot. Too, trying to get the maximum number of parking spaces to meet the current tenant usage of your building is important also. With the correct layout and parking lot striping, you may be able to fit a few more parking spaces to meet your needs.

Something else to consider before laying down striping in your parking lot is what special needs will have to be met. Are you designating specific parking spaces per tenant? What about spaces for disabled tenants or visitors? Are you going to have handicapped spaces for tenants who may need them? By having marked handicapped spaces, designated spaces for tenants and perhaps guests, you can help keep traffic flowing efficiently.

Keep in mind too, how to provide the most functional stalls in your parking lot. A stall which allows the vehicle to be pulled straight in will allow you to put the most parking stalls in your lot. Also, these type of stalls are the easiest to lay out and to paint stripes for. This is also a better way for permitting two-way traffic. If you decide on an angled stall, they are easier to turn into and back out of. This type of stall also will require a narrower lane as well as a one-way controlled traffic flow. The down side that more space is taken out when the parking lot design is laid out because of the angle plus the greater your angle the more space is used.

A well-marked and well maintained parking lot can add value to your property as well as increase attract a higher quality tenant. You’ll find it’s well worth the expense.

Sidewalks and their Liability’s for Landlords

If the sidewalks in front or around your multi-family apartment building aren’t in good repair, it could be a liability suit just waiting to happen for a landlord. Because cracks and uneven pavement can trip even a watchful tenant. Plus, even if the tenant isn’t watching to see where feet are landing, you as the landlord still could be held to be at fault.

sidewalk-safetyHowever; if the sidewalk is cracked and you aren’t aware of the damage, you may not be liable if a tenant or visitor trips and falls. Say that just after a winter storm the snow melts and then freezes again making cracks in your sidewalk, but no one has informed you of the damage the snow and ice has done. If the damage isn’t reported to you, you may not be held liable for anyone falling down and getting hurt. Also, if in the rental agreement the tenant is supposed to shovel the walk and fails to do so; and someone falls due to this, then you aren’t liable. However; if you are to shovel the sidewalk and you fail to do so, the you could be held responsible if someone falls.

So what should you do to protect yourself as a landlord from lawsuits dealing with your sidewalks? Well, you should make an inspection regularly of the outside of your multi-family building to make sure everything is as it should be. If for some reason the sidewalk is in disrepair, then hiring a professional contractor to fix it may be the best thing to do. A professional contractor knows how to fix cracks, broken sidewalks and other states of disrepair so the costs are worth it if you don’t have the right skills for the job. Also the job will be done correctly and in the long run it will save you money by not having lawsuits filed because people fall and get hurt.

So leaving a sidewalk cracked and damaged is dangerous to your tenants and their guests. It also can be a bank account hit in the worst way. So it’s better to invest a little money now and have the job done right then to wait and be sued.