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Amenities to Attract a High-end Tenant to Your Multi-family Condo

When you have multi-family condo’s, you want to attract the best type of tenant. You want a tenant who will respect your rental property and take care of it. The best kind of renter has high standards for maintenance and keeps a condo clean. So, what kind of amenities will attract this type of tenant?

Attracting a high-end tenant
There are several things will which make potential tenants want to call your property home. Below are listed some helpful tips to attract them:

  • Ready to move in: People want to move in as soon as possible, so making them wait while you finish painting or laying new carpet may cause you to lose out. The best idea is to post the rental property when it’s finished and ready for renting.
  • Common spaces: More people who are renting are looking for places which have shared areas. These areas can be used for entertaining or socializing with other tenants. A common area gives a building more of a community atmosphere, and interaction with other people is better achieved.
  • Fitness center: Another selling point is a fitness center in your building. Tenants may want to come home and instead of leaving again to go to the gym, just go down a few floors to exercise. The fitness center can be used for cardio, strength training, aerobics and even yoga.
  • Pet-friendly: Who doesn’t want to come home to a wagging tail after a long day at work? By allowing pets in your rentals and, if you have the room, having a dog area for walking; this will have people lining up to sign on the dotted line. You could even have a pet grooming service on site for easy convenience.

These are just a few suggestions to draw the right tenant into your building.

Fire Restoration in a Multifamily Rental

41504663_sIf a fire were to occur in your multifamily rental property, there is help for you to get your rental property back into shape which should be done in an orderly way. Now the first thing you do after a fire, and you have made sure everyone is okay, is to contact your insurance agent to get an assessment of the damage and the money needed to do the repairs. At that point, your agent may recommend a professional fire restorer. These professional not only can tell you which items can’t be saved, but can provide hints to prevent further damage to the property. They can also give you an estimate for the totally cleaning and deodorizing your building.

However, in the meantime, after having permission from the fire marshal to enter your building and start work, you can open the windows to get air moving. If there has been a lot of water damage and the weather is warm; however, you will want to keep the windows shut and use a dehumidifier before this.

Now when you do hire a fire restoration service, they will remove the soot with a heavy duty vacuum. If the carpets and drapes have been affected by smoke, they will have to be deodorized before being cleaned professionally too. The carpets will have to be professionally cleaned twice, before the repairs are made and then again after the repairs. Additionally, in some cases, the carpet may have to be removed so the floors underneath aren’t ruined.

To continue, if your walls are plaster, the fire restoration company can use a process called “thermal fogging.” This process uses a warm chemical fog which penetrates your walls and building just like the fire did. This process neutralizes the smoke odor too as it goes through the building.

Also keep in mind that you will want to consult the restorers about your heat ducts and removing the smoke odor from them. In this case, they may use a chemical sealer to do the smoke removal.

A fire can be costly, but with the right fire restoration company, you’ll be back in business again.