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What Are the Most Important Elements of a Commercial Renovation?

There are a wide variety of elements to a commercial construction project. When you’re trying to plan and budget, you may be wondering which elements are the most important. If you have a good commercial construction partner, you should consult with him or her to decide how to approach your property’s renovation. An experienced commercial construction project manager can help you identify the most important projects you should consider. He or she will know the market and what renovations will help your property stand out from others in the market.

Some of the most important commercial construction projects are targeted towards tenant comfort and enjoyment. These mainly concern the interior of the home. Although plumbing isn’t visible, plumbing problems are a major source of tenant dissatisfaction. The same goes for heating and cooling issues. The temperature issues in the building have a major effect on the tenant’s quality of life. They are much less likely to stay in a building where they aren’t comfortable.

Plumber_PortraitIt’s important to work with a commercial construction company that has expertise in both internal and external projects. You’ll need to find a project manager that you feel comfortable working with. You’ll also want to ensure that the company is trustworthy and has a good reputation in the industry. You can check with the local Better Business Bureau to ensure that the commercial construction company has not been the target of any complaints.

External building renovations are a very important part of improving your property. The exterior of your building helps to attract new tenants. A good commercial construction company can help you identify the most important issues when it comes to renovating your property. Important elements may include replacing roofing, upgrading siding, repairing or replacing fencing or repairing stairwells. Other exterior commercial construction projects include upgrading your property’s clubhouse, replacing balcony rails and pouring new concrete on sidewalks and other public areas. If your property has swimming pools or hot tubs, it might be time to take a look at them and decide if they need to be professional cleaned, have parts replaced or need to be replaced entirely.

Maintenance and Property Projects You Should Never Ignore

Commercial construction is an ongoing part of owning multi-family property. You will always have to plan for upgrades and repairs on the interior and exterior of the buildings and units. If you don’t stay on top of certain issues, your property will look neglected. You won’t attract the residents you want. Other maintenance projects are critical because they pose safety risks. You will also need to attend to maintenance items that will cause future problems if they are neglected.

It’s important to develop an ongoing relationship with a reliable commercial construction company over time. The contractor can help you develop a plan for future maintenance that takes the most common property concerns into consideration. The contractor can evaluate your property and help you understand which commercial construction undertakings should be a high priority and which you can complete further down the road.

exterior-upgradesExterior commercial construction projects are typically a high priority because they increase the curb appeal of your property. You’ll attract more renters with an attractive exterior. Critical issues include paint, siding, roofs and fencing. Old siding also needs to be replaced before it seriously deteriorates.

A good commercial construction company will help you evaluate key safety issues. Stairs and balconies need to be carefully maintained to prevent accidents. The contractor will also let you know if you need to repair areas like landings and catwalks to make the area safe. Your HVAC system should be evaluated as well. Gas leaks are always possible with old equipment and can pose a serious hazard to residents.

When it comes to commercial construction, neglect can lead to serious and extremely expensive problems. What condition is the plumbing in? Your commercial construction company should evaluate the state of your plumbing extensively and regularly. Bad plumbing can lead to serious leaks. These aren’t just inconvenient for residents. Water damage can seriously damage property and lead to expensive repairs. You can head off leaks by performing regular maintenance.

Roofing is another commercial construction issue that should be carefully evaluated. Roofs are expensive but they are a valuable part of your property. A bad roof is a sign that the property isn’t taken care of. It’s one of the first things many people notice so make sure you care for this part of your property.