What is the Regulation for Handicapped Parking in Texas

When planning parking for your multi-family apartment building, you must allow for designated accessible parking for handicapped people. Not only do you need to have this designed parking, but you also need additional room either on the right or left of the parking space above what is needed for a vehicle to serve as an […]

Functional Parking Lot Striping

The purpose of parking lot striping is to route traffic safely and provide safe crossing for pedestrians. So keeping the parking lot striping at your multi-dwelling apartment and well maintained and properly marked. When your property is taken care of it shows that you, as the owner, emphasize safety, maintenance and appearance. To make your […]

Tenants and Parking Space Issues

Owning a multi-family building and having enough parking spaces for everyone can be a headache. Sometimes the tenants have more cars than parking lot spaces permit too. Or perhaps guests come over and take up a tenant parking spaces leaving no room for other tenants to park. These issues have solutions to solve your parking […]