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Fencing and Multifamily Rentals

9366267_sA maintained multifamily rental property which is fully fenced will better attract a well-paying tenant. This is because tenants looking for rental places with fences usually have children or pets and some affluence if they are looking for that kind of property which they know will cost more to rent. A fence makes the property look well cared for too and shows you value your property. It also gives the perception that the property is safe and secure which is good since parents look for rentals with fencing to keep the kids safe from harm. Additionally the parents can go out into the fenced in area with their children and supervise, play games or just sit and watch. Plus, if the fenced in area has grass, it will even be more inviting.

Also, if you advertise your multifamily rental property as dog friendly, the property should be totally fenced in or have a fenced in pet area. Pet owners also want their four footed friends to have a safe environment to run around in. So having a pet friendly area is just as important to a pet owner as a fenced in yard is to a parent.

Additionally, when you as a landlord fence in your property, it will define your property from your neighbor’s next door and give your tenants boundaries. It gives your property a unified feel as well as an all over well cared for appearance also. Now maintaining a fence does take some time, but the payoff is worth it if the tenant is a better one.

With these facts in mind, a fence makes it more difficult for less desirable tenants to move in because with a fence, you can charge a higher rent since it is a security factor. Then as an added bonus, your turnover will be less because your quality of tenant will be higher.

So if you own a multi-family rental property and have room to install a fence, it could be a good move to contact a professional fence installer and see what suggestions they have for your property.

Safe Multifamily Dwellings for Senior Citizens

When you are buying a multifamily property and considering having it undergo renovation to make it safe for senior citizens, there are some things to consider. Seniors have different needs than younger non-senior tenants. Remodeling with those differences in mind will help you to rent out the property you are purchasing then.

seniorsWhen having property undergo multifamily construction and renovating for senior citizens, safety concerns are the primary need. Like keeping everything on a one floor level if possible so there aren’t steps involved. Any carpeting should be firmly tacked or glued down too; or the dwelling having no carpet at all to avoid tripping. The lighting should be installed so there aren’t any dark corners also.

If there are stairs, they should be well constructed with wide tread and handrails; the handrails preferably on both sides. If the stairs are wide enough too; if a stair-lift needs to be installed at a later date by the tenant, then there won’t be a problem with it not fitting.

In the bathroom, handrails need to be installed in the shower section or even a roll-in shower for seniors in wheelchairs could be installed. Cupboards for towels could be built-in with easy access shelves. The tiles should be nonskid so there is less danger of falling for your senior tenant too.

For safety in the kitchen, again a non-skid tile or linoleum can be used. Lever type door handles should be installed on kitchen cabinets and doors for easy use for arthritic hands. Shelving too should be easy to access overhead without overstretching which can cause injury to backs or cause a fall. Plus, locks on doors should be easy to lock and unlock without difficulty.

If a balcony is part of the design of your multifamily construction for seniors, make sure the banisters are at a safe height. Also, a sliding door which slides back and forth and locks without effort is a good selling point.

Senior citizens make excellent tenants and a multifamily dwelling can be a perfect place for them to live. So when you are renovating, keep senior citizens in mind, and your property could always be full.