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Why Re-surface Your Bathtub?

If you have a multi-rental apartment building and have a couple of bathtubs which have seen better days, they don’t necessarily have to be replaced. Because replacing a bathtub is expensive you can instead have the tubs re-surfaced by an experienced contractor for much less cost. You can have the old worn and scratched bathtubs re-glazed then, and they will look like new. Plus; there are a variety of colors to choose from when doing this, and the re-surfacing can last up to ten years.

Modern bathroomThese are just a few reasons on the plus side to re-surface instead of re-placing tubs. More pluses are that by re-surfacing bathtubs, this gives a whole new look and feel to the bathroom. Too because of modern technology, the tubs will be more durable, and the actual process is not as time consuming as replacing the tubs. Also, the resurfacing process will save you money in the long run because it will protect you against further repairs.

Now you might be tempted to do the process yourself to save even more money, but this really isn’t advisable unless you know what you’re doing. This is because re-surfacing a bathtub takes a lot of prep work and a lot of cleaning. Also the chemicals which are used to remove the old finish can be hazardous to your health if you don’t wear a respirator and mask; plus ventilating the room properly. It would cause your tenant hardship too if there is only one bathroom in an apartment, and it’s out of commission for a longer period of time because you do it yourself without the right training.

If you hire a professional contractor; however, he or she would have the needed skills; the ventilation equipment, the cloths for the overspray; with the job would being completed within 4-6 hours. The tub would then be ready to go within 48 hours. If you have to remove the bathtub and install a new one there is downtime too; by the way, because caulking has to dry for at least a day, and the tub may have to be ordered which could take even longer.

Hopefully, these tips were helpful.

Renovating Old Apartment Complexes

Are you interested in renovating old apartment complexes but aren’t sure if you will be getting in over your head? These commercial construction projects are complicated processes but you can recoup a huge return on your investment through renovations. You will also have the pleasure of turning an older, out of style property into an updated, stylish apartment complex. These types of projects can be complex. You’ll need to consider many different options like energy efficiency, updating heating and cooling systems, bringing the building up to current codes and several other issues.

One of the first things you’ll need to investigate during these types of renovation projects is the building’s systems. These include heating, air conditioning, plumbing, elevators and any other building-wide features. You will need to bring all these systems up to date. This will be one of your most significant investments. You can’t move tenants into a building when the all the systems are out of date. The good news is that you will be installing systems that are modern and will be significantly more energy efficient than the systems that existed in the past. You may be eligible for rebates and tax deductions.

Repairs, redesigning and painting will be a major part of your commercial construction project. The walls should be painted or updated with modern wallpaper to make the walls look clean and attractive. You will also need to replace carpeting or repair tile and wood floors. This will give the floors a fresh, modern look. Kitchens and bathrooms may need redesigned to accommodate modern needs.

You’ll need to consult with your general construction coordinator to ensure that your building is up to local code and is in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). As you are completing the renovations, you may have to expand certain projects so that your projects are in compliance with the ADA. In some cases, the rules may not apply to your building as it may be grandfathered in. However, if you intend to sell the building down the road, making the renovations now makes sense. If you can’t make all the ADA renovations now, you can consult with your contractor to plan ADA renovations over time.