Mixed Materials in New Builds

Since construction is done in certain ways over time, contractors making changes in how it’s done can be a drawn-out process. Contractors may be leery of anything new or untried. So most contractors when building, say an apartment building, often would rather select materials that they are comfortable with, know are reliable where they are sure that the pricing will stay affordable. However, there are new products made from mixed materials which may do the job even better. Below are some of these new products:

  • Bricks made using wool: These bricks are non-toxic and more sustainable. When making the bricks, a natural polymer which is removed from seaweed. Wool is added in too. The brick dries hard and is resistant to cold, wet climates.
  • Sustainable concrete: Recycled materials such as wood chips or crushed glass are added to the concrete which reduces the CO2 emissions associated with concrete production. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Insulation from the paper: Paper based insulation is made from recycled cardboard and paper. It’s fire-retardant and resistant to insects because of the boric acid, borax and calcium carbonate mixed with it. It can be blown into anywhere insulation is needed.
  • Triple-glazed windows: These windows help prevent heat from escaping a building because of the triple layer of glass. Krypton is injected between each layer, plus low-emissivity coatings are added for further heat escape prevention. If the window frames as also insulated, this will add to the insulation factor.
  • Solar tiles: Most roofing tiles are made from concrete or clay and are used for protecting roofs from the elements. But, many companies are now taking advantage of the sun’s energy by using solar tiles. These tiles not only protect the building from the weather but can help generate power.

As you can see, new mixed materials can be used in construction to help with saving energy.