How to Keep Parking from Being an Issue with Tenants

One of a tenant’s biggest gripes is a lack of parking. So in areas where parking is at a premium as an example, coming home from work late and not having a parking space can cause volatile problems. As a multi-dwelling property owner, it’s up to you to have the parking situation sorted out then before it ever becomes an issue. So below are some suggestions on how to do just this:

  • Posting signs: Have signs posted everywhere and in the correct places. Since every municipal area is different, find out where you need to put the signs up then, and what they need to say. This is in case cars need to be towed which don’t belong there. You can cover yourself in this way with the correct sign postings.
  • Clear markings: Be sure that the parking spaces are properly designated for your rental properties. Have the lines repainted regularly so that the parking stalls are clearly marked. Hiring a construction company to do this will mean less of a headache for you too.
  • Make sure that you know the law: There are laws dealing with people who park in parking spots unlawfully for and against. You must make an honest attempt to find the owner of the car before you can have it towed for instance. This means that you can’t watch people pull in and park when you know that they don’t belong there either and then have the car immediately towed when they walk away. This is illegal.
  • You must be consistent: This means if your policy is to have cars towed which are parking illegally, you have to do it. Whether someone is parking there because of a party or someone is there because they’re visiting, they still get towed if they don’t follow rules for this type of activity. This also applies to handicapped parking spaces too being used illegally.
  • Have numbered spaces: Another idea is to have as assigned parking space per tenant. This way every tenant has a parking space. If you have room, you can offer spaces for tenants with more than one car or visitor parking additionally.

Keeping parking from being an issue is only common sense.