How a Swimming Pool Attracts More Tenants

The single family market for renters with children is a strong market. This type of renter is looking for multi-family apartments complexes with enhancements and a kid friendly environment. So the single family renter is looking for places that have heavy duty swing sets, game rooms, and a clubhouse and; of course, a swimming pool.

A community pool is a wonderful selling point for a multifamily property then. And since pools are where people gather, a sense of community can be built within the property. In areas of high temperatures, a place with a pool can be a very tempting place to live in too. So your list of prospective tenants should grow quickly when a clean and refreshing pool as one of the selling points.

As a pool owner of a multi-family property, it will be your responsibility to make sure the pool area is safe though. You need to review the safety codes for your area then and seek legal counsel if you’re unsure on whether you’re meeting these qualifications. You also need to make sure the pool fences are in proper repair. Pool fences have a twofold purpose, first to keep people who don’t live there out. You can issue a special key or code to the people who live in your complex though so only they can enter the pool area. To the second point, pool fencing is to keep the very young children away from the water. Children are attracted to water and accidents can happen very quickly.

cool-nights-swimmingInstalling a swimming pool in your multifamily complex may be an expense you want to consider. It can be a wise investment as to draw the type of tenant you want living in your buildings. In this figuring the cost per tenant into the rent can pay for the pool and any repairs it may need down the road in no time.

Blue water, the scent of chlorine, sun reflecting off the water and happy tenants gathered around the pool is what a prospective tenant will see when taking a tour of your properties. This is a scene well worth investing in.