Choosing Exterior Paint

015Exterior paints and stains are not only an aesthetic quality that helps lease an apartment community, but also protects against the elements.  The type and quality of paint used, the quality of preparation, and the quality of application will determine to what extent your community is protected.  When choosing your exterior paint type, keep in mind the following:

*Resistance to mold and mildew.  Your building’s exterior will be subject to all types of condensation, moisture, and elements.  Choosing a product that that will resist mold and mildew will help protect your property from damage.

*Ease of Application.  The ease in which your paint is applied will determine how many coats are needed and how much you will spend per building.  Exterior painting is calculated based on how many gallons will be needed per door and a higher quality paint may be more expensive but may also yield more coverage.

 *Fade resistant colors.  Make sure you choose an exterior paint color that will not suffer through weather and time by fading.  Dark colors, like red, may fade to pink and blacks to greys.  Choosing the right color will allow for longer times in between exterior paints.

In addition to protective value, a new paint scheme will help increase leasing and resident retention for your property.  Nothing livens up a property like a fresh coat of paint!  When choosing paint colors factor in existing landscaping in your color palette.  If you have vibrant, bright colored flowers or a natural setting of green, choose colors that will complement them.  Consider your neighborhood and the lifestyle you are presenting to your residents.  A bright, funky colored building may appeal to a 011younger demographic, whereas a traditional color scheme an older demographic.  Your roof, chimney, and parking lot are all areas that will not be painted but should play a role in your color choices.  For exteriors that are partial stone, choose a color that will enhance this feature and create harmony.  For a terra cotta, choose a more neutral color for the siding to offset the vibrancy of the roof.

Many factors should be taken into consideration while choosing your paint type and color scheme.  Testing multiple colors, using a reliable contractor, and a proven product will ensure the sustainability of your community’s exterior paint.