Apartment Amenities that will attract a Higher Grade of Tenant

Every property owner wants to attract the highest possible grade of tenant. These types of tenants pay their rent on time and create a pleasant environment. They don’t damage property or cause disturbances. To attract this type of tenant, you have to offer amenities that make your apartment stand out from other properties.

A multi-family construction company can advise you on popular trends in the rental market. The multi-family construction company can also help you plan upgrades so that you can attract the tenants you want. The first issues you should focus on concern the inside of the unit. Upgraded kitchens are very popular with tenants. They want a place they can entertain and cook good meals. Basic, aging kitchens tend to dissuade good tenants from considering your apartments.

One trend many multi-family construction companies have worked on is creating open floor plans. Renters like floor plans that have a lot of space and fewer walls blocking views among rooms. They also like windows and lighting that make rooms look bright and large. Talk with your multi-family construction project manager and ask for strategies to open up the floor plans in your units while keeping the renovations within your budget.

slide3Good tenants like high-end clubhouses with a variety of attractions. Some complexes have upgraded their clubhouses to include party rooms, exercise rooms, hot tubs and even indoor pools. Depending on your budget, you may have to plan these renovations over time, but as you upgrade the clubhouse, you’ll find that prospective tenants will become interested. Your multi-family construction company can give you advice about how to implement upgrades without disturbing your current tenants.

Your multi-family construction company can make other recommendations that will attract the best tenants. They’ll often recommend that you install washers and dryers or hookups for these appliances in units. Tenants prefer doing their laundry at home instead of using communal appliances.

Many multi-family construction companies have helped owners upgrade the outsides of units. Ideas include setting up communal gardens, creating patio spaces and even adding picnic tables and other outdoor amenities. The key is to find creative ideas that make tenants comfortable and that add convenience to their lives.