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Fences and Rental Properties

Fences have a lot of uses for a rental property. It can provide the tenants of a multi-dwelling apartment with security, help keep children and pets safe and boost curb appeal. But choosing the right fence isn’t always easy without doing some research first. To help you choose the right fence, below are some different types of fencing and their uses:

  • Wooden fences: One of the reasons wooden fences are used is because they are inexpensive and attractive. Fences made from wooden slats are great for privacy also. Picket fences give protection without blocking out everything visually. Most wood fences are between 4-6 feet tall. They can be made bigger, but you need to make sure that they don’t contravene regulations on height if taller. Always checking on regulations is a safe bet.
  • Chain link fences: This type of fencing is durable and cost effective which offers great benefits for property owners. Because it’s flexible it can withstand different types of stress. The downside is that chain-link doesn’t provide much in the way of privacy. But if combined with landscaping or privacy slats, it is a viable option.
  • Wrought Iron fences: Wrought iron fencing is not only strong, but beautiful too because it comes in an assortment of designs. Additionally, this fencing can be customized for a one of a kind detailed beauty with an elegant and classic look. This is the perfect fence for property owners who are concerned about safety issues.
  • Aluminum fences: Aluminum fences have the look of iron, but not the price or the weight. It’s strong enough to close in an area without ruining the view too. Another benefit is that is can be installed on just about any type of property, even on steeper land grades.
  • Vinyl fences: Vinyl fencing has a sleek modern look which is durable. It comes in a range of textures, colors; heights and styles and is the most diverse of all the fencings.
  • Brick and stone fencing: These fences are strong and long lasting, but not as popular as they once were. The fencing comes in a range of stones and colors and is one of the most expensive options on the marker.

A landlord needs to consider all the factors when considering the installation of a fence on rental properties.

Why Have Your Roof Professionally Cleaned

Sometimes on your roof shingles, algae and moss which appear as dark streaks will form because there isn’t enough natural light. A lot of homeowners may think that this is weathering and that the roof will need to be replaced. However, your roof may just need a good cleaning. Also, when there is an alga or moss build up, besides the roof damage this can cause, this can cause the roof to retain heat. This means that it will cost more to run your air conditioner to cool down your home. So when you have your roof professionally cleaned it will save money and save your shingles.

Hire a pro

There are three factors which weigh-in which will determine how much it will cost to clean your roof. How much time it will take is one. The size of your roof and how much algae and moss is present are others. Additionally, the reputable contractor you use should adhere to the techniques for the removal of algae and moss of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association and Roof Cleaning Institute of America. The RCIA also recommends that professional roofing contractors use the soft washing process. This process helps to prevent damage to the roof.

The cost of a roof cleaning

A typical roof cleaning usually takes two to five hours. The cost of doing this can range from $250 to $1,000 for an average home. This is approximately 5% of what it would cost for a roof replacement at the low end of the cost for cleaning given. If you’re thinking that you’d save money by cleaning the roof yourself, you may want to think twice about it though. A DIY roof cleaning kit which you can buy at a local hardware store may hasten the deterioration of your roof. Most of the DIY products contain a chemical which can harm shingles which are petroleum based. In addition, you just pressure washing it without the right skills can damage the roof.

It’s also advisable that you choose a company that carries Workers’ Compensation Insurance. This would cover any injuries to workers. Make sure liability insurance is additionally carried by the contractor to cover any accidental property damage. It’s advisable to ask the contractor if there is a warranty or any kind of guarantee on the roof cleaning too.

Roof cleaning is done best by the professionals.