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Maintaining a Front Marque on a Commercial Building

The outside of your commercial building can sell what’s inside. This is why it’s important to maintain the front marque of your commercial building. Because if you have graffiti on your marque; as in on a building, it not only looks unkempt and neglected, but it sends out the wrong message to potential tenants. Also, graffiti make people think that the area is unsafe and can invite further vandalism along with its unwelcoming appearance. A well maintained marque is welcoming though and can send the message that your building is a safe one. So how can maintaining a marque work well for your business? Below are some suggestions:

  • Look beneath the surface. Sometimes an older building may have a beautiful architectural detail which has been covered up for years by a marque. This design though can be an asset to your building and attract the right type of tenants though. But if the building is older, first see if your building is a historic or a landmark building; there are different rules and regulations governing everything here including signs.
  • Decide what changes you could make to change the appearance of your marque. Don’t use anything that will make a visual clutter such as garish paint. Look around at your neighbors too and see what ideas you can gather from what they did to their marques.
  • Make sure you follow regulations and zoning guidelines. Some cities and municipalities have zoning ordinances for sign requirements. Also check and see what permits you’ll need before you change anything in your building.
  • Be sure to have bright light to deter crime. By using inviting lighting, it can make a perspective tenant feel welcomed and safe. Lighting, when used correctly, can enhance your building. Remember all lighting should be done by a licensed professional. Too, signs that illuminate may not be zoned for your area.
  • Another cost effective method to have your marque stand out is paint. Use a color of paint that will accent your building though and not make it stand out in the wrong way.

When improving the façade of your building, always keep in mind the architectural features.

What is the Most Efficient Recycling Program for Multi-Family Buildings

recycleRecycling for a multi-family apartment building can be a challenging venture for a landlord. Cooperation from all the tenants or maintenance staff is a must to make the program work too. Plus, you will need to make the trash collection system for your multi-family apartment building both easy and convenient for it to work properly. So below are some tips to help your recycling program to get started:

  • Whenever you have a new tenant move in, you must go over the recycling rules to make sure the rules are understood for enforcement and the penalties that apply. You also need to show the new tenants the dumpsters, recycling bins or barrels and make sure that everything about their use is understandable. If needed, you may have to post signs in multiple languages if your tenants do not speak English as a first language.
  • Buildings which don’t have the space in the actual apartments for additional recycling containers may need to have a central trash and recycling area for the tenants to use for the disposal of trash and recyclables. In addition, if your tenants do not speak English as a first language, then pamphlets printed in English may not be easy for them to understand either with their rules for the use of trash and recycle bins. If possible then, have the pamphlets properly translated and use pictures on the receptacles to show where items should be placed.
  • Make sure your trash bins and recycle bins are placed in convenient places for your tenants to use. This is because as an example, if the trash bins are placed in an out of the way area and the recycle bins are handy, then the recycle bins will most likely be used for trash too. It’s better to have the bins trash bins and recycle bins convenient for the tenants for use then in their daily routine than for them to be convenient for trash haulers if necessary.
  • Always make sure the signs and labels can be easily understood. Post reminders around the building concerning recycling too, and if you send newsletters monthly, add reminders there as well.

If you live in an area where recycling is the law, you can get fined for mixing trash and recyclables also. And if incidents of improper disposal are a reoccurring issue, your trash collector can refuse to take the trash from your building. So make sure recycling is done properly.