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Why Lighting in Tenant Parking Lots is Important

lightingGood lighting in parking lots for tenants is an important part of the rental process. This is because a potential tenant’s first priority is safety. So having a well-lit parking lot is not only important, but essential to prevent attacks and robberies on tenants, theft of a tenants’ cars and liability for the landlord. For the landlord then there are a few things to keep in mind that are listed below:

  • When the parking lot is well lit, it not only creates a safe tenant friendly environment, but it also improves security. Accidents are reduced too from people tripping, falling or slipping. This also will prevent lawsuits against the landlord for any accidents of this nature.
  • If the lights in the parking lot burn out and are not replaced within a reasonable amount of time, the landlord could be held liable if there is an accident; or if there is a safety incident concerning a tenant. The lights in a parking light must be situated too so that a person can be recognized from a safe distance. Plus, providing a crime-free environment for the tenants will not only get you a better grade of tenant, but theft and vandalism will be cut back.
  • It may pay to have a maintenance company service the parking lot. The company would run continuous checks and testing on the lighting, Plus, the company would replace and repair any lights as needed as part of the maintenance and repair contract. Also, having the light poles checked for any signs of wear and tear is important so that they continue to work and are reliable when needed.
  • If the parking area is inside a parking building, the lighting has to be maintained properly there as well. With proper and effective lighting, potential security problems, vehicles being protected as safety issues won’t be a problem then. A maintenance service can also be hired to provide this service as well.

Parking lots can be kept safe and secure with the proper lighting and maintenance.

The Best Color of Exterior Paint to Use on a Multi-family Dwelling

multi_family2Choosing the exterior paint in a color which is best suited for your multi-family dwelling may be a more difficult choice than you think. For instance, you don’t want an exterior paint color which is going to pop out and hit a prospective tenant in the face like a fist, but you don’t want your building overlooked either. So your choice of paint should be taken seriously by you, the landlord. So below are some suggestions for choosing the right paint color for your building:

  • First, step back and look at your building. What is it made of and what type of decorative elements are used? So is your building made from stone or brick or wood? What are the shingles made of and what is their color? What about the windows? Therefore; what paint color you choose has to coordinate with these elements. For example, if you had a red brick building with gray black shingles and white vinyl windows, using orange paint on the wood trim may make the building stand out in a way that you wouldn’t want.
  • What part of the building do you want to paint? Is it the whole exterior or just the trim around the windows? Maybe the building has an interesting element you would like to accent and bring out. So thinking about color before you paint is very important.
  • What colors are the buildings surrounding your building? You want your building to fit in, but stand out in the right way. So, a bright blue building in a neighborhood of tan and cream would be an eyesore and potential tenants may think twice about looking at an apartment to rent.
  • Give some thought to the type of tenants you want to rent to. Older tenants may want to live in a building that is a little more understated. Whereas, younger tenants may want to rent in a building with a little more flair and pizazz. So taking this into account, your choice can make a difference in the crowded rental market if you take a little thought of who it is that you’re trying to attract as potential tenants.

As you can see, what color of exterior paint you use does require some thought. Therefore; think about what type of tenants you want to attract, the questions above and make your decision from there.