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The Importance of Installing a Fence around Multifamily Community Pools

A community pool is an attractive feature for multifamily properties. Pools are gathering places which help build a sense of community in the area. Pools are also tempting for renters, especially in areas with high temperatures in the summertime. As a multifamily property owner, you have certain legal responsibilities when it comes to protecting residents and visitors who come near your pool.

swimmerThe International Swimming Pool Code (ISPSC) is a comprehensive list of pool codes that meet the requirements of the Virginia Graeme Baker Act, which was created in order to upgrade pool safety in a variety of ways. As a multifamily property owner, you are required to comply with ISPCP requirements when it comes to your community pool. You should review the code carefully and seek help from a legal professional if you have questions about complying with the regulations. The codes are updated on a regular basis so you need to check regularly to make sure you’re complying.

Pool fences provide a variety of protections. First, they prevent unauthorized access by people who don’t live in the community. Your pool is reserved for your multifamily unit residents. If unauthorized guests gain access, the pool can quickly become overcrowded. Many property owners issue keys or codes to residents to allow them to enter the pool areas. The fencing also offers protection for children. Young children are often very interested in water and can get into a pool very quickly. This has led to many tragic accidents so locked fencing helps prevent tragic accidents.

Your multifamily contractor can advise you on the best fencing to comply with ISPCP regulations. These regulations require that your fence is equipped with a latch that self-closes and self-latches. You can also attach a lock to the latch. The important thing is that the door won’t swing open and will slip into the latch on its own. If you don’t have the right kind of fencing, you are opening yourself up to a wide variety of lawsuits.

Many pool fences are made of aluminum, wood, vinyl and other materials. The fence rails should be close enough together that a small child cannot squeeze through the bars. Your multifamily contractor can recommend fencing options which will fit in with the décor of your property and provide the protection your residents need.

How Often Should Window Be Replaced in Rentals?

Your multifamily property probably has lots of windows. Replacing windows can be a costly investment so it’s important to do some research so that you understand when it’s necessary. New windows provide a variety of advantages. They can help you increase the energy efficiency of your multifamily units. New windows can increase the value of your multifamily unit by upgrading the appearance of the outside of the building.

DSCN1503If quality windows are installed in the multifamily units, they may last up to 20 years. However, older windows can significantly affect the energy efficiency of the units. Old windows often have gaps which allow cold and warm air to escape from the unit. Window technology has improved significantly over the past two decades.

How do you know if your windows need to be replaced? First you can do some basic checks on your own your own. Can you feel cold or heat through the window? When it’s windy outside, do the curtains or blinds move? Are the windows easy to open and close? Do you find moisture or condensation on the inside of the window? If you notice any of these problems, it’s a sign that your windows don’t fit tightly and need to be replaced. You’re losing energy through your windows which affects your electric and gas bills.

Consider updates to windows for aesthetic as well as energy efficiency concerns. Your windows should fit in with the design of the home. If your multifamily property has been remodeled, you may need to update your windows to keep up with your remodeling projects.

It’s not easy to determine if your windows need to replaced but your multifamily contractor should be able to give you advice. Your contractor can explain what types of windows are best for your situation. Many older window styles are made with single pane glass which is not as energy efficient.  The windows feel cold in the winter and can frost on the inside. In some cases, the windows may break.

Dual pane windows can significantly lower your energy bills because well-fitting, dual pane windows will keep out the elements such as wind, heat, cold, rain and snow. New windows will pay for themselves in a very short amount of time.