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How to Make Rentals More Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a popular modern concern. It’s important to multifamily property owners for a variety of reasons. First, many current laws encourage energy efficiency upgrades. Many power and water companies offer rebates and other financial incentives for installing energy efficient upgrades to homes. For multifamily construction property owners who are concerned about the environment, they can make a difference by investing in these types of technologies. Finally, it makes good financially in the long run. Water, heating and gas bills will be much lower which will make the multifamily property much more profitable.

An experienced multifamily contractor can give you advice about which upgrades will provide you with the most benefits. A project manager can help you make a long-term plan for upgrading various parts of your property over the long term. He or she will probably recommend that you replace the oldest pieces of equipment first. Another common recommendation is to do some of the easiest fixes first.

iStock_000006799161SmallOld equipment like outdated furnaces can seriously affect your energy efficiency. Older furnaces and boilers can be considerably less efficient than modern systems. Some low-efficiency systems can run as low as 65%. You will quickly realize your return on investment as modern gas or oil furnaces range from 80 to 98%. New gas or oil burners can run at efficiencies from 80% to 98%. This can significantly reduce your bills quickly. You may also receive rebates.

Your multifamily contractor will make additional recommendations for addressing energy concerns. Are your windows tightly fitted? Can you feel air coming through the sides of the windows? If so, it may be time to replace your windows. Your multifamily units can lose a lot of heat and cooling through windows that don’t fit properly. It may also be a good idea to invest in energy-rated window coverings. These can block cold air and keep rooms from overheating in the summer.

Other issues to consider are unit doors which can allow heat and cool air to escape. Are your buildings properly insulated? Solar energy is a big investment but can provide big payoffs. There are many big and small ways your can increase your buildings’ energy efficiency.

Why You Should Maintain the Paint on Your Multifamily Unit in Texas

The exterior of your multifamily unit is an important part of making it attractive to potential renters. You won’t attract the types of renters you want if your exterior doesn’t look well-maintained. The best kinds of tenants pay their rent regularly, treat the property gently and don’t cause disturbances. In exchange, these tenants expect attractive properties that are well-maintained.

IMG_1011Multifamily residences in Texas face unique difficulties. Texas weather is not mild and presents a variety of challenges. Weather problems can include dramatic weather changes, extremely hot temperatures, sun damage and moisture damage. Sometimes, exterior services are exposed to persistent moisture which can causes mildew and mold.

Your multifamily contractor can help you understand the steps you need to take to maintain attractive paint on the exterior of your property. They may recommend that you repaint the surface but take several steps ahead of time. Depending on the type of surface, you may have serious mold or mildew issues. In that case, your multifamily contractor will recommend that you treat any discoloration and staining that result from molding or mildew with special chemical treatments, brushing, pressure washing or hand washing.

Your multifamily property may need other treatments before paining such as caulking, stripping or scraping old paint, sanding, neutralizing stripper and priming. Your multifamily contractor may also recommend cleaning the siding, sanding the primer and more than one coat of exterior paint.

If your multifamily property is located in a severe weather state like Texas, you should plan on maintaining the exterior paint on a regular basis. Even the best paint jobs can weather quickly if exposed to harsh conditions. If the paint is maintained properly, you’ll avoid a variety of problems. Good paint jobs that include fresh caulking protect your building from leaks. The buildings will be more energy efficient. Another advantage is that when painters are repairing your building, they often notice problems in the structure. You’ll be able to address these issues before they become serious problems. You can also use the painting job as an opportunity to freshen up the look of your multifamily residence by changing the paint color.