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Timeless Design Elements for Your Rental Property

When you are making improvements to your rental property, it’s tempting to incorporate the latest trends in design. New designs seem exciting and fresh. However, when you make changes to your rental property, you want them to last for years. Design trends come and go. If you work with an experienced multi-family construction company during your renovation, they will often recommend that you focus on timeless design elements as opposed to recent trends. This will eliminate the need for constant changes to the property to keep up with the latest construction trends.

Most property owners hire a multi-family construction company to help with exterior painting. The multi-family construction representative can make recommendations concerning paint colors that will make your building attractive without being overly trendy. There are many classic paint color combinations that look fresh and clean and will last for years to come.

DSCN1510Your multi-family construction company can also advise you on other design elements you may wish to update. Window styles change often and you will often see styles that seem very modern at first but quickly look dated. Classic window styles will appear elegant over a long period of time.

Other elements of your rental property can benefit from classic design elements. Consider other external features such as staircases, balconies and railings. You should also evaluate your clubhouse if it needs renovations. A multi-family construction company can provide suggestions for clubhouse styles that will be attractive for years to come. You should also think about your fencing and landscaping. These elements are expensive investments and you want to spend your money on styles that will endure over time. The last thing you want do is spend a lot of money and find that in five or six years, you need to revamp property to make it appear modern.

Classic designs have the advantage of elegance and timelessness. You won’t have to worry about your property looking dated five years after you’ve completed a major renovation. Talk to your multi-family construction representative about keeping design elements classic so that you can protect your investment. The multi-family construction company should have a variety of suggestions about how you can accomplish this goal.

Your Property’s Street View

Appearances make a huge impression on potential tenants. It’s common for landlords to focus on interior issues including unit upgrades, clubhouses and HVAC concerns. These situations are all important, but multi-family construction companies advise that you maintain the street view of your property. The outside of your property is the first thing potential tenants will see and it will significantly affect their impressions of the property.

023Your multi-family construction partner can help you evaluate the state of your property’s windows. Broken or cracked windows give the impression that the property is neglected. Good potential tenants will be turned off and probably won’t consider renting from you because of details like windows. A good multi-family construction company will have up-to-date information about window styles and types and can make recommendations. Replacing windows and window frames will benefit you in more than one way. Good windows and window frames look attractive and modern. Your multi-family construction company representative can recommend options that will increase the building’s energy efficiency.

The paint and siding on the buildings speak to the maintenance of your property. If the paint is cracked or flaking, it give gives the impression of neglect. The same thing applies to siding. Old, weather-beaten siding looks unattractive. A multi-family construction company with experience of in these issues can recommend the best solutions for improving the exterior of your building.

The fencing around your property is another consideration you can ask your multi-family construction company to help you address. Fencing should be intact and well-constructed. The fencing should not lean or slant. Fencing slats should be intact and no individual slats should be missing. If the fence is painted, the color should be modern. Cracked, flaking and faded paint on fences will make a bad impression on anyone who sees the outside of the building. A good multi-family construction company can help you find the best solution to fencing issues. In some cases, the company may recommend new fencing or replacement of parts of the fence.

Your multi-family construction company can recommend other upgrades that improve the street view of your property. These may include new roofing, balcony and rail repair and a wide range of other improvements. Your project manager can help you prioritize repairs and replacements so that you can make a budget.